Supporting Strategic Development Processes

All organisations are forced again and again to introduce more or less comprehensive changes. Reasons for these changes may be:

  • changed market environment, requiring an organisational or product-based realignment
  • new key personalities in key positions, wishing to integrate their view into the organisation
  • periodical views into the future without a specific previous impetus

The result of such changes may be new visions or rather images of the future, business missions, and/or strategic business sectors and targets.

Within such processes my partners and I can offer you professional assistance, unbiased and critical. A partner at your side, releasing you from the task of moderating while maintaining your responsibilities for the targets and contents of the new gearing.

Supporting and Facilitating Team Development Processes                        

If „Team“ is defined as every individual being responsible for the  performance of the entire team, more is necessary than simply organising a team’s initiation. As a result, developing a team means:

  • developing the reason for the existence of the team (compare Strategic Development Processes)
  • adding transparency to the various roles
  • result oriented discussion of rivalry and conflicts
  • facilitating feedback

My partners and I guarantee all participants emerging from such processes unharmed and understanding work in a team as an opportunity for personal development.

Support in Personal Decision-making situations – Coaching:

Managers in difficult professional change and decision making situations sometimes need some guidance in orientation, which does not stem from their regular environment (colleagues, friends,...). An unbiased view from the outside opens new prospects and releases fresh energies.



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